PSA Frequently Asked Questions

(updated 8.12.14)

  • Where will games be played?

All games will be played at Peoria Park District – Mossville Soccer Complex (next to Caterpillar Plant)

12026 N Old Galena Rd, Chillicothe, IL 61523

  • Where should I park?

There will be adequate parking in lots and along road at North End of the complex.   Do not park on the grass near the fields or areas designated with no parking signs.  Link to complex/field map.

  • May I bring my pet dog?

No, anyone bringing a pet dog will be asked to leave.

  • Where do we watch the games from?

The side of the field opposite from the players / coaches side. Fans are asked NOT to watch from the ends of the fields.

  • What equipment is required?

Players must have:

•Soccer cleats- football and baseball cleats are NOT acceptable.  Soccer cleats do not have a center cleat at the toe.

•Appropriately sized shin guards.  Socks must be worn over shin guards.

•No bracelets, wristbands, necklaces or earrings maybe work during games.

•Soccer Ball – usually supplied by the coaches

#3 ball is to be used by Grades 1-2

#4 ball is to be used by grades 3-6

#5 ball is to be used by grades 7-8

  • How many players a side during games?

1-2nd grade- 7v7 (6 field 1 goalie)

3-6th grade- 8v8 (7 field 1 goalie)

7-8th– 11v11 (10 field 1 goalie)

  •  How long are the games?

All games will be played with 4 quarters

For 1st through 4th Grades – 46 minutes

4- 10 minute quarters, 2 minute time-out after first and third quarters, 2 minute time-out after the second quarter.

For 5th through 8th Grades – 57 minutes

4- 12 minute quarters, 2 minute time-out after first and third quarters, 5 minute time-out after the second quarter.

  • My Child is old for his / her grade, which league should he/she play in?

If a player is older than the maximum age for their division, as of August 1st, they will be required to play in the next division. If the player in question is in 7th or 8th grade, the Peoria Parochial Soccer Association Board of Directors will render a decision on the player’s eligibility.

Maximum ages by division:

•1st/2nd Co-ed: 9 years old

•3rd/4th Grades: 11 years old

•5th/6th: 13 years old

•7th/8th: 15 years old

  • If our school has 2 teams, can a player from “team A” fill in for a player on “team B”?

No, a player can only be rostered on one team.

  • Can my child play in a different age division?

Players may play up in age, but not down. This may be desirable if, in the opinion of the coordinator, the player’s skill level is advanced for his / her age. It may also be done for the purpose of meeting the minimum number of players required per team. Any movement of a player to a higher division requires the approval of the school or Parish coordinator.

  • My child has never played soccer before, how much play time will he / she get?

Each player that is on the roster and dressed and ready to play must play the equivalent of at least 2 full quarters in every regular season, unless under disciplinary action, or where illness, injury, or physical limitations prevent the player from participating in the equivalent of 2 full quarters.

  • What weather conditions are acceptable?

Games will be played in any weather, with the exception of nearby lightning strikes. The referee is the final word on whether a game is called because of weather.

  •  Will cancelled games be rescheduled?

The Peoria Parochial Soccer Association will not reschedule cancelled or incomplete league games. The team leading at the end of an incomplete game will be considered the winner.

  • When do schedules come out?

Final schedules will be out minimum of 2 weeks prior to start of the season.

Tournament schedules are posted at the end of the regular season.

  • What can I do to help the Peoria Parochial Soccer Association?

Help and support your school’s coaches and coordinators.

Volunteer to coach or referee.

  • What is the heading policy?

Heading is only allowed on 7th & 8th grade teams. All children ages 10 and under are not allowed to head the ball in practice or games.

  • Is there food available?

No.  There is currently no concession stand available at the Peoria Park District Mossville Soccer Facility.

  • I am interested in refereeing. Where do I get information?

See Referee page